Go Texans! Yee-haw!

After living in Texas for four years, the Texas pride has caught up with me. It’s hard not to get into the spirit of being a Texan. Lots of decorative items to show our Texan pride. I had to get this Bunky Starin red as it reminded me of the Texas star which a big thing here…we (heart) Texas. (We secretly miss California though) ;)

The Bunky Star is made by These Creatures. They make lots of cool leash hooks and decorative hanging feeders. Aside from being a great work of art on your wall, it helps improve digestion (less air intake during eating and they don’t have to strain their neck). We are saving up for the Pug feeder. It’s so cute and Porky does have lots of gas. Poor Porky has had so many digestive issues, it’s caused a huge dent in his Puggybank. He just loves to in hale food and does not understand that he has a sensitive tummy. Perhaps it’s good he doesn’t know that Brownie’s stomach is like a furnace and he never has problems. Anyways, it comes in two Pug designs and many colors. I have plenty of time to choose the color while I save up…Porky deserves a new feeder! (Cross your paws and fingers that Porky doesn’t get sick or cause anymore Pug shenanigans)


Brownie (HEART) Juicy Couture

I just love Juicy Couture dog clothes. They are so casual and cute. Best of all, they fit both the Pugs so well. Although my hubby is pouting, I got Brownie another shirt. The Juicy pique polo in lemon color was irresistable. So cute!


Who’s cuter? Brownie or Marty (Pug Pillow)?

I could not resist and had to get a Marty Pug Pillow by Pillow Pillow Pillow. It’s 100% organic and although a little on the pricey side, it’s a great Pug collectable. I have so much Pug stuff that I said why not…and who could resist the charm of the big Pug face on a pillow!


Long Time No Blog

Sorry we have been MIA. It’s been one thing after another. Porky had a bad paw jam and lost 3 of his nails (all the way down into his paw). We had to rush him to the Vet. Brownie had some demodectic mange and that took some time to heal. With all this going on and some family emergencies, we have been left with little time to unload pics and blog. We miss everydoggy and can’t wait to get back into the groove of blogging!

Here are some quick pics of the Pugs.


Pugs ♥ Juicy Couture!

We ♥ the new Juicy Couture dog clothes and accessories for this spring! It’s so Puglicious! And Juicylicious, too! The size XL fits most Pugs up to 25lbs.


Delicious Puppy Cake Mix

We love the Puppy Cake mix at FunnyFur.com. It’s so delicious and easy to make.


Making Your Own Puppy Cake or Muffins

This thing is so easy! It’s hard finding a local place that makes fresh doggy cakes, muffins, or treats so I have been trying to find easy products out there to help me bake at home for the Puggies.


Halloween Dog Fashion Show

Porky and Brownie had a blast at Funnyfur.com’s Halloween Party. They really enjoyed the mingling and I really enjoyed the fashion show!


Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Porky and Brownie had a very happy Halloween yesteray.  They love all the trick or treaters…everykiddy got so scared by their costumes that they had to kiss and hug them! ;)





Pug Stuff…

What is it about Pug people that makes us crazy for all things Pugly?! If someone came and saw all of my Pug stuff, they would think I am an obsessed freak.  Ironically, I did not buy most of the Pug stuff.  It’s all gifts from friends, family, and acquaintances.  Even people I don’t know well like to buy me Pug stuff.  They simply get a kick out of it and know that I will appreciate it.

A while back, I posted the pics of the Pug slippers, car accessories, Pug pillows, and a few other “main stream” Pug stuff.  I got some homemade Pug art from my brother John.

My friend and coworker sent me some Pugly stuff for “Happy Boss’s Day”.  I love this holiday! :)   Here is pic.  The mummy Pug card is from John and his girlfriend Stephanie.  Thanks guys!