eatBetter and drinkBetter Dog Bowls? just recently started carrying these eatBetter Dog Bowls and drinkBetter Dog Bowls.  This answered a calling we had…both Pugs eat fast. Real fast. Porky is a super fine diner with food but when it comes to water, it’s a whole different story.  He is a water snob and prefers the water to be at a certain level inside the bowl..if it’s too full, he will use his paw to “paw” out water till it reaches down to his desired level.  He dunks his whole flat face and little head into the water bowl and drinks a bowl at a time.

After drinking, he drips water over the entire bathroom floor (measuring ~200 sqft) and all over the bedroom and family room.  Once one of us seems him, we will get a towl and dry him off.  This is why you see newspaper under his bowl.  This drinkBetter dog bowl is suppose to help them drink slower and reduce the drippy mess.

After using this water bowl for three months, we have found that we have to refill the bowl a lot.  It did minimize the mess by our sloppy drinker, Pork. I think our expectations were too high.  We were hoping for significant reduction in mess…which was not the case.  Brownie made a little mess before and now does not make any mess.



Both Pugs finish eating their own food fast and try to eat the other one’s food.  This is why my morning “chores” take forever because I have to moderate and watch them.  We got the eatBetter Dog Bowls to help slow down the eating which is better for their digestion.

This is a big deal for us since Porky has had serious irritable bowl syndrome and still unknown causes for the month long bloody poo and puke every year.  It’s frustrating for us as pet parents and the clean up did not help.  Countless times throughout the night.  Porky moaned and cried in pain through out the night and could not stop going to his potty bin.  Countless test and visits to the Vet, thousands of dollars later, we still are not at ease as they could not find out why or what is the main cause.  It’s pretty to serious to have blood dripping nonstop from the butt (sorry for the graphic description).  I am hoping anyone with the same experience can help us.  And hopeful this bowl will help poor Porky’s digestion.

So far we have used these bowls for three months.  It’s not as easy to clean as stainless steel but the Pugs are eating slower.  We have not had any diarrhea or scary bloody stool (knock on wood).  So far so good.

Side note, since then, we have changed Porky to California Natural Herring & Potato formula food.  The poop smells left, has healthier texture, smells less deadly, and he has more energy.  Downside, he likes to have “midnight snacks” when we are sleeping and he has put on a little bit of weight.  Also, I mentioned Porky’s back legs dragging when he climbed up the stairs.  That has improved greatly since he changed his food.  I think the Omega 3 in fish diet is helping him boost his agility.  Oh, one more thing, we have been adding Forti Flora to his diet (thank you Lisa…you saved our nerves and poor little Porky’s life!).

Sorry…it seems that most of our recent posts are either graphic descriptions of poo or on these new products the boys got…we have been so preoccupied with their health problems that we try to find every product we can to help them.  For anyone in the same boat as us, you understand the desperation to help our animals be healthy and happy.



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    what a great idea!

    April 29th, 2009 @ 6:25 pm

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