Puddles & Bebe Sleepover – Dinner Time (2)

It seems to me that Bebe (weighing 3 lbs) eats only slightly less than the Pugs and eats a lot of treats. It’s not fair that she can eat like a pig-let and not gain an ounce! At least her sister Puddles is an overweight Chihuahua (I love her…she was meant to be a Pug) who loves to eat. Puddles does not eat as much as Bebe and has been on diet food for…ever. Just like Porky and Brownie, she is destined to eat nasty diet food and stille overweight. Sigh sigh. We need to go for a walk!

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    Exercize! That´s the only way my pug loses weight!!

    April 23rd, 2009 @ 10:53 am

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