Playing Catch Up

Gosh this year has gone by so fast.  I took tons of pictures with every intention to blog about them…I even had the funny story lines thought out to add an extra pugly humor but atlas, no post to show for them.  In the past year, Porky & Brownie have visited Grandma and Grandpa for a month and we have gone to visit Germany, China, and a few states here.  It’s been so busy that my next new year resolution is going to have to be organizing this years pictures and blogging about them!

When we first moved to our quite neighborhood, there was only 3 homes in our cul-de-sac and we knew everyone’s names.  In a short two years, we now have 10 homes in our cul-de-sac.  In the last few months, we got neighbors right next to us (we did not have any for two years – it was all empty land) and one of them has two dogs.  They did a great job of decorating their home.  I love the alternating mint candy lights and snowflakes.  So cute.

Our other new neighbor a few doors down from me has two beautiful labs.  The yellow lab just gave birth and subsequently got spade as well.  Here they are saying hi to us when we were taking our morning walk.

I finally got around to making our holiday cards but unfortunately, have been too busy to send them out.  Since I reformatted my pc and lost my encryption ID (hard lesson learned – don’t password encrypt files if you are going to reformat your pc), I don’t have my excel list of everyone’s addresses.  One a PC is reformatted, it generates a new ID for the computer and so when you try to open an password saved encrypted file on a file hard, it will not recognize you.  I learned this after countless hours on Microsoft’s help website and tons of forums.  My professional and personal network list is all in my head less actual addresses.  Need to get cracking on that next year.  Meanwhile, here’s our holiday card…can you guess which Pug is this? This Santa Dog Suit fits Puggies very well.

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