Fun Day Out with Our Buddy Belts, Best Dog Harness Ever!

It’s been cold, cloudy, and/or raining the last few months so we have not been able to take the Puggies out for their usualy walks and play dates at the dog park. Porky and Brownie love sunny days and lounging/basking in the sun. The weather was great today so out we went for a long walk. P & B were very excited to be out and met a new friend and neighbor.


Our communty faux lake has turtles, seagulls, and birds! Porky and Brownie loves playing with them but we try to leave them alone. The last time a frog (yes, there are tons of frogs here in our yard) was near the walkway, Brownie try to introduce himself and get to know the frog but accidentally injured him. His paw was too powerful. We put the injured frog in the garage and gave him water. He recovered and lived in our garage for a month or so. I saw him every morning when I left for work. At night, he ventured out. I figured he found a way into the garage without my help. It was interesting.


This is our neighbor Buster. He’s actually really nice and playful but he was getting choked by his collar. We hope his Dad gets him a Buddy Belt and then he can pull without an angry face.


Brownie LOVES to be outside…he’s an outdoor Puggy. Look at that smile!


Brownie had to stop and poop…Porky stopped and waited. How sweet!


We use to go crazy trying to teach the boys to walk nice since they would pull hard like they were sled dogs and then choke nonstop. But now that we have the Buddy Belts dog harness, it’s all good and we don’t feel guilty about pulling on them. It’s made for small dogs to save their neck and prevent damage to the trachea. Other harnesses still have pressure on the front chest (Pugs are deep chested) so it’s still choking against them when they pull on the leash. These Buddy Belts are different as the pressure is placed on the front legs (they step into the Buddy Belt and you buckle the belt on top). Neato! We love love love the Buddy Belts! This is our favorite for Puggies. You can buy them at and tell them Porky and Brownie sent you!


These turtles are so smart. Everytime someone walks by, they go back in the water so I had to take this from way far away. Too cute! I am a nature lover. It’s so beautiful. The leaves and trees are changing colors for Spring…so pretty. We have a great day.





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