Mange Attack!

Brownie has mange on his forehead and has lost most of his hair on his wrinkled forehead (you can’t see his beautiful wrinkles anymore). The Vet says dogs usually get this kind of mange from their mothers when they are young puppies and does not happen to adult pugs unless if they are stressed or have low immune system. I noticed a slight pink spot two weeks ago but did not think much about it. I have been out of town for a week and left the boys at a pet hotel. Perhaps the stress of being away from me made the mange fully breakout. Poor Brownie! :(

He looks so fragile with his bald pink head…my poor Browner…he is currently laying down next to me with his mouth over his favorite brown horse snake plush toy, eyes closed, and occassionally getting up to look around and bite his toy. So cute even when sick.

Has anyone’s adult pug have mange before?

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