Just got back from Vancouver, Canada with 4″ Snake!

When I went to visit Vancouver, Canada this last weekend, I totally missed my two puggers.  Especially when we visited Whistler (skiing, hiking, mountain, lake)and saw lots of paw prints on the snow when we were hiking.  So cute!  On our way back, I got the boys a 4′ plush snake toy.  It was so cute when I brought it home.  Brownie (LOVE LOVE LOVE toys) tried to put his mounth over the head, chewed the tongue, while Pork tugged at the tail.  They were battling it out and then Pork got tired and fell asleep on and over the tail of the snake body while Brown continued to nibble the mouth and head, doing his signature falling asleep over plush toy pose. Although the cutest is when Brown (who is small and compact pug of 14″ inch length and 17 lbs)drags the big long snake all over the house, he even dragged it over Pork’s body and played with it while Pork was resting and getting ready to sleep (they share the same bed).

It’s been a little busy so have not had a chance to take piictures, but hope to get some pictures of the boys with their new snake soon!

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