Snugly toys, big long 4′ snake, lots of pug beauty rest!

Porky getting some zzz’s from playing tug-o-war with Brown with their new toy that has a whole bunch of tug rings…neat toy.
You can see the 4′ snake I talked about on my post on Nov 28. It wraps all the way around the large dog bed we have…so big and long…it’s really more like a gigantic serpant…
Brownie snoozing on his favorite pillow…a little sheep. We get him lots of cudly sheeps…they are nice toys and pillows. Definitely getting some beauty sleep here and dreaming about more toys and fruits! Watcha looking at? Don’t stare. I need my pug beauty rest and then I am going to take all the toys away from Brownie when I feel like waking up.

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