“I will fight you to the end for my toys!” (Brownie)

As we all know, Pork LOVES food and treaties…and napping. Brownie is not much of a foodie but a toy-ee. He LOVES toys. Obsessed is more like it…sleeps with mouth over toy (Pork does this to his chew bones), drags the toys all around the house (yes, drags that 4 feet snake up and down the stairs), and falls asleep on them (I think this is to prevent Porky from stealing his toys). Well, sibling rivalry and the fight to be alpha dog is causing the boys to fight for toys now. Pork just wants to take it away from Brown…he doesn’t even like toys that much…here it goes…

Late Night Black & White Show with Porky Pug & Brownie Pug

“Why are you trying to take my toy? I already give you my food and treaties…arf” (Brownie)

“Fine! Be that way! I will fight you to the end! How rude!” (Brownie)

“Wow…the kids getting stronger everyday…I gotta show him who’s the boss! Come on kid, bring it on!” (Porky)

“I can crush you with one paw! Woof Woof!” (Porky)

“You think you can push me around just because you are older? I am not going to get pushed around by you for the rest of my life…and besides, I am acrobatic, fast, agile, and I can kick your fat butt!” (Brownie)

“This kid is dragging me all around our bedroom and I am practically napping here. Is he for real or just clueless? What’s with the military warfare and downward dog? You can drag me around all you want but you can’t take Ms. Lamb here…woof woof…eerrr. Go play with the Monkey.” (Porky)

“I’m getting tired of being dragged around…nap time. Here kid…take Ms. Lamb. I never cared for her anyways.” (Porky)

(20 minutes later…)

“Hah! You can’t bully me. Don’t you dare come back and try to get your hands on my toys. I am ready for you…” (Brownie)

(Silently goes back to chewing Ms. Plush Lamb)

“Brownie still has a lot to learn. I just wanted to show him I can kick his butt in my sleep or in this case, laying on the ground. Aside from Dad, nobody tells me what to do…well not nobody, if you have treaties, anything is possible. I can sit, heel, catch, bow, lay down, look cute, model, perform guard duties, clean up trash, …I’m your Pug…as long as I get my treaties.” (Porky)


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