Pug Passions – Antannaes, Legs, and tail…best parts of new toy

Porky and Brownie both got new toys today but as we all know, nobody wants to play with their own toys. They both like to fight over one thing. Porky got a new Maggie Caterpillar Organic Plush Toy and Brownie got new Duck. Since Pork was more interested in treats, we gave the toy to Brownie…then Pork wanted it back…


It’s mine! (Brown)


Now that Brownie is playing with it, I kinda want it back…(Pork)


Interesting grooves…what type of species is this? (Brown)


Brownie continues to study this new toy while Porky seems to be obsessed over something on his paw.


Brothers sharing their new toy? Could this be?

Brownie is getting sleepy after 20 minutes of studying this new toy. Porky found something interesting on his paw and arm? I don’t know…his face is telling me he found something very interesting…

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