Life of Dog

Brownie’s daily schedule is very rigorous and hectic.  He gets up at 8am. Snoozes for 30 minutes or so by slowly opening his eyes, starring off into space and then slowly drooping his eyes back to closing.  Once he hears the food bowl rattle, he will get up and do some doggy yoga.  After 10-15 minutes of slowly savoring his food, he is ready to do his potty business.  He promptly walks to my car to await at the drivers door.  Once I get my stuff for work, I open the door for him and carry him into the car.  Yes, that’s right.  He is a prince.  Porky knows to jump into the car.  Once we get to work, he jumps out of the car and walks to the door like any other employee.  The rest of his day is spent tirelessly working as shown below.


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