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Which Pug Looks Better in Their New Hoodie?

August 18th, 2009 at 7:49 pm

I used to think people who dress their kids and dogs alike were weird…but after getting the boys the same outfits a few times, I can’t help myself.  They just look too darn cute!  I got Porky and Brownie each a new House of Juicy Hoodie by Juicy Couture.  Which Pug looks better in their new Juicy hoodie?


Two lil’ gansta Pugs. (Left Porky, Right Brownie)


Chilling at home…napping the day away. (Left Porky, Right Brownie)


All this cuteness..where’s our treaties?!  (Left Porky, Right Brownie)


Getting very sleepy…where’s the treats?  Sleepy…  (Left Porky, Right Brownie)


I am so sad…I want a Zukes Z-Ridge Bone. (Below Porky)














(Guess who is the last one showing their back?)



Quality Time With BeBe

August 15th, 2009 at 7:47 pm

We miss Puddles and Bebe.  Luckily she got to spend the day with us.  All three Pugs and Chihuahua ran and played in the backyard.  They had a blast and then came in for some treats.  What a great day!



Three terminator dogs…



Pug Facial Fold and Eye Cleaning Made Easy

August 12th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

I recently learned a new trick (new for me at least) from the groomers for cleaning the boys folds and under eye stains…drum rolls please. DAA! DAA! DAA! I got some Pampers sensitive skin baby wipes and used them to clean the folds in the mask and under eye stains…so much easier than anything else I have tried! It’s very gentle and did not irritate them. It got out all the build up in between the folds and the gunk on top of the muzzle. The reddish and brownish stains (that is fungal bacteria) came right off…well not right off but definitely with little effort. It use to take some serious scrubbing on a regular basis to take out all the red and brown stains under the eyes.

Has anyone else tried this? This is awesome! We have seriously tried everything out there and not that I am complaining, but it’s always nice to reduce the level of maintenance chores so we get more quality time with the Pugs. Hope you guys try it and love it too!


Lake Conroe – Out Fishing – Part 3

August 9th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

I surprised the hubby with an one day private fishing tour. Our captain was very nice and we enjoyed the day. It was the best fishing day ever because we caught some fish and got to bring the Pugs along. Thank goodness the weather was good and we had a nice breeze to keep the Pugs cool.

I was a little concerned about them getting sick but all was well. No accidents! Both Pugs were all smiles. :)


Brownie loved being on a boat. He had a blast.


They chilled on the floor of the boat until they got the courage to move around and jump onto the seats.


There’s our fishing lines…we had to try every tactic out there…the winds were good for Puggies but not for fishing. The wind was pulling our lines so it was hard to tell when we got a bite or if it’s the wind. Look how beautiful that water and sky is!


They huffed and puffed a little in the beginning as they were not use to being outside all day but got adjusted quite quickly. I was pretty happy about finally using our travel bowls…got my money’s worth!


Once they were more comfortable on the boat, I didn’t want them to be stuck laying on the floor. I welcomed them onto the seat and they gladly jumped up. Both Pugs lounged on the seat most of the rest of our fishing trip.


Porky got tired of water and really wanted a beer…so we let him lick the bottle.


After a few beers, Porky decided he could handle driving the boat. Porky got to be Captain Pork and safely sailed us back to the marina!



Lake Conroe – La Torreta Del Lago – Part 2

August 9th, 2009 at 6:08 pm

I decided to plan a surprise long weekend for the hubby and kids (Pugs). Lake Conroe is about an hour drive from us. My friend stayed at a resort there which she highly recommended. I planned for us to relax at the resort, booked a day of private fishing tour, and searched up some cool local eateries to try.

Our little golf cottage at the La Torreta Del Lago Resort Hotel & Spa in Lake Conroe.

The room was huge and boasted two full beds…I would have preferred one giant king but this worked fine. Since the bed was a bit small, we each took a bed. Brownie slept with me and Porky slept with the hubby.

Brownie enjoying the comfy bed at the resort.

Porky relaxing on the other bed with Dad.


Both Pugs slept so good…they did not want to get up. Especially since we got up at 5am to prepare for our date our on the lake.



Vacationing in Lake Conroe – Part 1

August 9th, 2009 at 12:49 pm

We have been swamped with computer problems (hard drive died and we got new one but loss all data) and all kinds of activities (vacationing, dog shows, dog parties). It’s a Pug’s life! We went to Lake Conroe and stayed at the La Torreta Del Lago hotel & spa on the lake. They have cute little golf cottages which are basically little cottage homes with a patch of grass for dogs to do their business. We got to ride away the property on golf carts. It was a fun weekend getaway for the Pugs!

They love this new toy we got from It’s like a frisbee toy with tons of squeakers around it and it floats in the water.