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Puggies in San Diego

October 13th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

Hi Everydoggy. After Hurricane Ike, I am just swamped. Since I have a rather long (almost 3 weeks) business trip coming up, I shipped the Pugs to San Diego to live with my Mom. I am always paranoid when I leave them at the doggy hotel…and they always end up with something weird afterwards (Porky had diarrhea and stomach problems for a while and Brownie had mange twice). It’s not always the pet hotel’s fault. It’s hard to get the same kind of care and attention when they are inside of a little room all day. The doggy day care stuff is fun but at $20-30/day, per dog, it’s really expensive. Porky loves the doggy day care but Brownie doesn’t really like to play for a long period of time. It’s actual cheaper for me to ship them to my parents in San Diego and they always transition very well. Grandma has been \warned to stick with 1-2 treats per day and strict feeding guidelines. Both Pugs always come back from their visit with Grandma 5-10lbs heavier, which is not good. It takes me a long time to get them back to there normal weight of 20-23lbs (still overweight but acceptable). Here is a picture of Brownie..he’s so cute. Talk to everydoggy in 3 weeks!


Special 15% OFF Buddy Belts Dog Harnesses!

October 11th, 2008 at 1:10 am

Buddy Belt

The Buddy Belt dog harness saved Porky & Brownie’s necks!   Poor Porky’s neck was always choking him and sometimes when he got excited, he would just puke because he could not breathe.  Both Pugs are always too overly anxious and excited, and pulling like crazy on the leads…I was seriously concerned with all the choking, coughing, and occasional puking.  I have bought countless harnesses and none of them gave me the control I wanted and reduced the stress on their little necks.  When ever we are walking and a car comes by or just another walker, both Pugs abruptly jilt and pull, sometimes so strong that I trip and fall.  For anyone that has or has had Pugs (or any flat nosed dog), you know exactly what I am talking about.  When I learned about Buddy Belts, I was very skeptical but now after over one year of using Buddy Belts dog harnesses for both boys, I am 100% sold on this product.  It’s very easy to put on…just lay the Buddy Belt on the ground, walk their front paws into the holes (like putting on a bra!), and then buckle like a belt on top of their backs.  Since it is strapped to their front legs, the stress is significantly reduced compared to a traditional harness or collar.  There’s plenty of buckle holes which is nice since Pugs do like to grow chunky.  This is the only harness the boys have been able to actually use for this long!  They even sleep in their Buddy Belts.  The leather is nice and worn in so it now contours to their body and hugs them like a bra.  We love the Buddy Belts!  It’s a blessing and life saver for the small dogs! carries the entire collection of Buddy Belts dog harness and accessories….and guarantees the lowest price.  Pugs usually wear size 6 which starts at $73.90 for the regular colors and a little bit more for the limited and fancy colors.  These are the lowest price I have ever seen them for.  For a limited time only, is offering a 15% OFF Buddy Belts products so that should help.  Just enter promo code “IHEARTPUGS” at Check Out.  Tell them Porky & Brownie sent you!


Discount off Cute Dog Costumes and Halloween Toys

October 8th, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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