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Police Dogs Required to Wear Shoes?

February 29th, 2008 at 8:07 pm


The Associated Press had an interesting article on the new law in Duesseldorf , Germany requiring their police dogs to wear shoes during special operations.  Apparently the folks over there drink like fishes and their are lots of broken beer bottles which seriously injure their paws.  It’s actually quite cute since the shoes match their police uniforms.  Read the article here.


Porky’s Himself Again

February 27th, 2008 at 6:45 pm

Porky’s recovering from the month long diarrhea attack and his appetite has come back with a big bang. Look at him…he pushed his bowl from the pantry door all the way underneath the piano bar. He licked it clean…literally!




Fun Day Out with Our Buddy Belts, Best Dog Harness Ever!

February 25th, 2008 at 6:33 pm

It’s been cold, cloudy, and/or raining the last few months so we have not been able to take the Puggies out for their usualy walks and play dates at the dog park. Porky and Brownie love sunny days and lounging/basking in the sun. The weather was great today so out we went for a long walk. P & B were very excited to be out and met a new friend and neighbor.


Our communty faux lake has turtles, seagulls, and birds! Porky and Brownie loves playing with them but we try to leave them alone. The last time a frog (yes, there are tons of frogs here in our yard) was near the walkway, Brownie try to introduce himself and get to know the frog but accidentally injured him. His paw was too powerful. We put the injured frog in the garage and gave him water. He recovered and lived in our garage for a month or so. I saw him every morning when I left for work. At night, he ventured out. I figured he found a way into the garage without my help. It was interesting.


This is our neighbor Buster. He’s actually really nice and playful but he was getting choked by his collar. We hope his Dad gets him a Buddy Belt and then he can pull without an angry face.


Brownie LOVES to be outside…he’s an outdoor Puggy. Look at that smile!


Brownie had to stop and poop…Porky stopped and waited. How sweet!


We use to go crazy trying to teach the boys to walk nice since they would pull hard like they were sled dogs and then choke nonstop. But now that we have the Buddy Belts dog harness, it’s all good and we don’t feel guilty about pulling on them. It’s made for small dogs to save their neck and prevent damage to the trachea. Other harnesses still have pressure on the front chest (Pugs are deep chested) so it’s still choking against them when they pull on the leash. These Buddy Belts are different as the pressure is placed on the front legs (they step into the Buddy Belt and you buckle the belt on top). Neato! We love love love the Buddy Belts! This is our favorite for Puggies. You can buy them at and tell them Porky and Brownie sent you!


These turtles are so smart. Everytime someone walks by, they go back in the water so I had to take this from way far away. Too cute! I am a nature lover. It’s so beautiful. The leaves and trees are changing colors for Spring…so pretty. We have a great day.






The Sofa (aka Mom) is very comfy

February 24th, 2008 at 6:09 pm

The sofa had a great extra padding (aka Mom) and it was very comfy.



Brownie back to his usual business…baby rattle on top of his favorite microfiber pillow.



Brownie on Duty

February 10th, 2008 at 12:35 am

Since Porky has been sick lately, Brownie has taken over his job of guarding the home.  He sits at the stairway to get the best view of any potential instruders, look out the window by the front door to scope out the street traffic, and barks at any sign of movement from outside the house. 

He loves to run in the dining room and look outside the transparent window shades and run, jump, and bark at the same time at cars that drive through the neighborhood.





Chilling At Home…Just Another Weekend

February 8th, 2008 at 12:34 am







Part 3: Soft Volcanos

February 7th, 2008 at 9:42 am

Hey Everydoggy,

It seems that Porky is getting better and his poop is solidifying.  I am happpy to report that his usual volcano shape poo is back…still a little soft but we will take anything over the diarrhea.  This has been a trying time and frustrating month…for those that have had nonstop diarrhea, I am sure you feel my pain.  If all goes well, we hope to be off nurse duty and back on track with blogging and photo sharing shortly.

In the meantime, check out these cute tees that say “Don’t Bug This Pug”.  So Puglicious!  Check out all the colors at!



Part 2: Endless Diarrhea…and New Nipple?

February 3rd, 2008 at 10:22 am

It’s been a tough month with Porky having diarrhea non-stop.  The Metronidazole the Vet prescribed would work and the poo would solidify but the moment he got off it (the Vet prescribed 5 days worth the first time and 7 days of it the second time), his gooey, bloody diarrhea came back.  We are at our wits end here.  Poor Porky has been going to the Vet at least once a week.  He has had various blood and stool test but they found nothing.  We have changed his food to prescription Royal Canin (potato and duck flavor) but he doesn’t seem to like it.  He was eating his normal food just fine, energy level great, and completely himself.  So we don’t know why he is having diarrhea.  We are phasing in to this new food but Porky is not too fond of it.  He was prescribed Loperamide and Sucralfate. which made his diarrhea a lot worse (he was going all night non-stop with drops of goo and blood), vomiting oatmeal like yellow mush along with solid pieces of food, and moaning in discomfort and pain in his tummy.  We are taking him to another hospital to get a ultrasound on his stomach and intestines.  SIGH.  Porky was so miserable on the meds so we stopped giving it to him.  I gave him his food along with a few drops of milk (he loves this).  Willow, Belle & Turbo’s mom recommended fortiflora so we ordered it and are anxious to try that since the Vet thought it was a great idea too.  Cross your fingers…hope it’s nothing too serious.  But we are getting scared and frustrated since it’s been a month already.  Our carpet and tiles are getting depleted from cleaning…and the bathroom smells…really bad.  I am on day shift cleaning and the hubby is on grave yard shift.  The vomit was so bad yesterday, I had to get out the Bissell Little Green machine several times and then left it out…I will leave it to your imagination.

On another scary note, Porky has a little bump which looks like a doggy nipple but completedly white like whitehead zit.  HELP!  I usually message his body to look for bugs and feel for abnormalities.  We discovered it about a month ago.  The Vet told us to watch it for growth and that it does not look harmful right now.  There has been no change.  Any other Puggy have this? 

Porky and Brownie usually sleep in separate areas but lately, Porky has been joing Brownie in his crate (we never close the door).  It’s so cute how they squish in the crate and cuddle.  Which makes me wonder…why so sweet?  They are never this nice to each other.  Is something serious going on or does Porky just needs extra TLC?