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Cats & Dogs, the movie, is awesome! Cute, fun, and very entertaining!

February 20th, 2007 at 1:22 am

We just watched Cats & Dogs and it’s so cute! Although it makes you think twice about cats. In the movie, there’s a secret war between the Cats & Dogs that we humans are too clueless to notice. The eternal battle between Jeff Goldblum plays a human scientist working on a vaccine to eliminate dog allergies. It’s the job of the Dogs to protect this lab (secret lab at Goldblum’s home) and the vaccine from the Cats, who also want to get a hold of this new vaccine and destroy it. Tobey McGuire is the voice of the new puppy who accidentally gets mistaken for secret agent and now has to protect the vaccine and prevent the Cats from getting their hands on it. A few other secret agent dogs in the neighborhood help him by watching over him and teaching him the ropes. A fun, loveable family movie. Loved it!


Lazy Quiet Sunday

February 18th, 2007 at 1:21 am

Another chill Sunday at home. Porky and Brownie got their dental chews and as usual, Brown found a comfy area far from Pork to devour his treat. Most of the time, Brown runs upstairs and lounges on the sofa in the entertainment room so Pork can’t steal his treats. Maybe with Mom around, Brown feels like it’s safe for him to enjoy his treat close to Pork. Happy Sunday!

(Brownie keeps looking at me and then looking at Pork. I guess he is not sure if it’s safe yet to devour his treat.)

“I wonder if I can get away with hiding my treat and then stealing Brown’s…but Mom is right there…hhhmmmm…” (Pork)

“Nah…it’s Sunday…I am too lazy to fight with Brown. Plus I really just want to devour my dental chew.” (Pork)

“What do you want Mom? Stop staring at me. I am trying to finish this before Pork finishes his and come for mine.” (Brown)

“Yum-MY! Hhhmmmmm…(lots of quite beat chewing sounds)” (Pork)

“What are you looking at? Can’t you tell I am busy right now? Uummm…this is good…(faster chew sounds)” (Pork)

“UuuuMMMmmm…GOOD stuff…I wonder what we are having for dinner?…hum…” (Pork)


Valentine’s Flower Pictures

February 17th, 2007 at 1:20 am

Mom has been playing around with black and white, sepia, and cyan photos. She practiced on her flowers. Dad was out of town for business this week but didn’t forget Mom…here are her Valentine’s Day flowers. We love the heart and key…looks delicious…why won’t Mom let us play with it?



“I will fight you to the end for my toys!” (Brownie)

February 16th, 2007 at 1:19 am

As we all know, Pork LOVES food and treaties…and napping. Brownie is not much of a foodie but a toy-ee. He LOVES toys. Obsessed is more like it…sleeps with mouth over toy (Pork does this to his chew bones), drags the toys all around the house (yes, drags that 4 feet snake up and down the stairs), and falls asleep on them (I think this is to prevent Porky from stealing his toys). Well, sibling rivalry and the fight to be alpha dog is causing the boys to fight for toys now. Pork just wants to take it away from Brown…he doesn’t even like toys that much…here it goes…

Late Night Black & White Show with Porky Pug & Brownie Pug

“Why are you trying to take my toy? I already give you my food and treaties…arf” (Brownie)

“Fine! Be that way! I will fight you to the end! How rude!” (Brownie)

“Wow…the kids getting stronger everyday…I gotta show him who’s the boss! Come on kid, bring it on!” (Porky)

“I can crush you with one paw! Woof Woof!” (Porky)

“You think you can push me around just because you are older? I am not going to get pushed around by you for the rest of my life…and besides, I am acrobatic, fast, agile, and I can kick your fat butt!” (Brownie)

“This kid is dragging me all around our bedroom and I am practically napping here. Is he for real or just clueless? What’s with the military warfare and downward dog? You can drag me around all you want but you can’t take Ms. Lamb here…woof woof…eerrr. Go play with the Monkey.” (Porky)

“I’m getting tired of being dragged around…nap time. Here kid…take Ms. Lamb. I never cared for her anyways.” (Porky)

(20 minutes later…)

“Hah! You can’t bully me. Don’t you dare come back and try to get your hands on my toys. I am ready for you…” (Brownie)

(Silently goes back to chewing Ms. Plush Lamb)

“Brownie still has a lot to learn. I just wanted to show him I can kick his butt in my sleep or in this case, laying on the ground. Aside from Dad, nobody tells me what to do…well not nobody, if you have treaties, anything is possible. I can sit, heel, catch, bow, lay down, look cute, model, perform guard duties, clean up trash, …I’m your Pug…as long as I get my treaties.” (Porky)



There is no such thing as “Eat your own food and treats” when you are a Pug!

February 15th, 2007 at 1:19 am

Pork LOVES food, with a passion. Without supervision and diet restrictions, he will eat and eat until he pukes and eat his own puke…that is how crazy he is (we try very hard to limit his processed treaties and stick with fresh fruits and soy yogurt). Every day during meal and snack time, this is what happens…needless to say Porky wants all the food and treaties to himself!

…uummm…this could be why Brownie scarfs down his food in like 1 minute while Pork takes 15 minutes finish!


Bath time bliss…take two!

February 11th, 2007 at 1:17 am

I was inspired to take bathtime pictures after I saw Flatnosedpups’s super adorable trio. We don’t have trio but certainly dynamic duo! Hehehe

It’s so warm and comfy in here…smells good…Mom usually takes bath without us and we always want to join…but how come it’s just us and Mom & Dad are outside?
I don’t like not having control…why can’t I stant right? Keep slipping and losing my grip…
Why is Dad outside with that thing that keeps flashing? I am trying to enjoy my bath!
How come Mom keeps washing Pork and giving him belly rubs! Where’s mine Mom?!
Am I suppose to stare at you and stand? Or should I sit? Ummm…


Join us at Houston Pug Rescue, PugHearts’, PugNic 2007

February 8th, 2007 at 1:16 am

I wanted to let you guys know we are super excited to get involved with Houston’s very own Pug rescue, PugHearts. Helping Puggies always reminds me of how fortunate my life has been, after I was touched and owned by Pugs. I mean what would life be like without Pugs? No more poo to clean, chewed up cabinet corners, echoing snores and snorts, pee on my furniture, dog hair everywhere,…it’s been an enduring ride and I would not have it any other way! So let’s get out there and get involved!

I always like to think of it this way, what if something unfortunate happened to me and I could no longer care for my Puggies? The thought of that brings tears to my eyes as these little guys just want to give lots of love and please us. Let’s face it, Pugs are not famous for street smarts and any kind of survival. With no one helping homeless and abandoned Puggies (and may I say shame on those people that did not do their homework first before taking on the responsibility of a pet and then later “changed” their minds), they would be put to sleep. =(::::

Well, now there are no excuses! The great people at Pug Hearts have worked very hard to bring to us our very own Houston Pug Rescue. So let’s get there to the PugNic on March 4th to the Challenger 7 Memorial Park, Webster, Houston! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Porky and Brownie will be dressing their best for this Pug Nic!


February Pug Meetup Pictures now uploaded!

February 7th, 2007 at 1:15 am

This month’s pug meetup was so much fun…lots of puggies showed up dressed up in their best and looking fabulous! Now we included some teasers below but spend some time looking at all the uploaded pictures on FLICKR. Since there were 100+ pictures taken, most of the non-pug pictures were not included since let’s face it, this is for pug lovers! Hehehe…all dogs are cute but pugs are the best!

This puggy preferred to hang out with her human and not get dirty…she kept posing for us! So cute!
This is Hank (the tank) Pug. We just met Hank and he is like Pork’s long lost brother…have same physical attribute (body and tail), and same temperment and personality (extremely outgoing, likes to play rough, and a always a bad ass!). Hank LOVES to swim! He took quite a few dips…unfortunately some crazy dog park staff decided to dye the pond water red…for Valentines Days?!
Close up of Hank…he is very handsome…but sorry Hank, Porky is the George Clooney of Pugs. You can be the Robert DeNiro of Pugs since you are older. :)
Senior Puggies chilling out and having some mature fun…I love hanging out with Senior Pugs man…I am everyone’s best friend as I am mature for my age.
What kind of dog are you? i never seen you here before…Don’t I look so fabulous close up?!The fashionable pugs hanging together…so stuck up!Stop touching me! I don’t know you. I want my Mommy…where are you Momma?Momma is calling me with treaties…I am coming Mom!I am getting a ittle tired from doing my rounds of socializing with all the different pugs…preppy stuck up group, shy group, senior pugs, pup puppies, and all the crazy humans…where to next? Did I miss anyone? hmmm…I wonder if anyone brought treats…Dude…Mom wants me to hang out with Brownie for picturesbut he’s boring. He is too much of an intravert for me. I need my own freedom Mom!Momma wants me to socialize but I just want to go home and play with my toys…Can’t wait to go home and play wit my toys!