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Snugly toys, big long 4′ snake, lots of pug beauty rest!

December 21st, 2006 at 1:10 am

Porky getting some zzz’s from playing tug-o-war with Brown with their new toy that has a whole bunch of tug rings…neat toy.
You can see the 4′ snake I talked about on my post on Nov 28. It wraps all the way around the large dog bed we have…so big and long…it’s really more like a gigantic serpant…
Brownie snoozing on his favorite pillow…a little sheep. We get him lots of cudly sheeps…they are nice toys and pillows. Definitely getting some beauty sleep here and dreaming about more toys and fruits! Watcha looking at? Don’t stare. I need my pug beauty rest and then I am going to take all the toys away from Brownie when I feel like waking up.


we’ve been Christmas Tagged by Winston

December 19th, 2006 at 3:13 am

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We have been busy with the holidays and preparing for visits from out of towners.  Since we just moved into our new home a few months ago from a much smaller house, we have no furniture to fill our house.  It’s been fun weekends attacking the furniture stores and staring at blank walls for inspiration on decor. It’s not easy shopping for furniture when you have two crazy pugs running around like…pugs (aka wild animals).  *~~* Since we have been behind on the holiday shopping, we got some toys for the boys to hold them over until the new bed.  You can also see here that our living room has no furniture, with one rug. But the boys love it because they can run around like crazy and attack each other.

Since we got tagged, we have been giving some thought so here we go…

<b>3 Things I want:</b>

1) my own cook
2) hard white bone chew with filled treats (unlimited)
3) live with Grandma since she gives me all kinds of treats everyday…did I mention I gained near 10 lbs living with her for 6 months?!
4) to be the only dog…I hate sharing food and treats with Brownie
5) freedom to dig in all trash cans in the house
6) someone cleaning my toilet non-stop (I like a clean toilet when I go)
…wait a minute…I went beyond 3…there are too many things I want… *sigh*

1) more long snake toys
2) to be able to go with Mom to work again…Mom calls me a cling-on
3) to go potty whereever I want in the house and not feel guilty or ashamed
I don’t want much…just to be with Mommy all the time!

<b>3 Things I do not want:</b>

1) share treats with anyone
2) disrupting my beauty sleep
3) dog food

1) share toys/treats/bed with Pork
2) more girl clothes …note to Mom, I am a boy!
3) pork stealing my treats

<b>we are tagging:</b>Life of a Pug (Milo), Flat Nosed Pups (Kritter, Gizmo, Rascal, Peekaboo), Sadie the Pug Pooch, Willow & Belle, Elvis & Izzy at ChiWowWow

You must each give three things you want for Christmas, three things you don’t and tag five friends.

Hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas!

Have a Puglicious Holiday and stay safe!


How time flies when you are owned by pugs!

December 2nd, 2006 at 3:15 am

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It’s been another great year of new adventures with my two crazy pugs.  I can’t believe how time flies and Porky now has a very well establish grey/white mustache.  He is such a handsome puggy…ages very well just like George Clooney! :)

This picture was taken last Christmas. The grandparents gave Porky and Brownie each a gingerbread bear toy, blue for Porky and brown for Brownie.  Porky misses his Grandma, who he had the great pleasure of staying with for 6 months and returned home with an additional 8lbs (yikes!)…unfortunately, Brownie was not welcomed there as he is challenged in potty training and too hyper for the Grandparents.  Our lives have been crazy, fun, busy, frustrating at times, stressful, sad, happy, and…our puggies, Pork & Brown, have brought us joy and laughter…and then some!

I am excited to surprise them with their new bed for Christmas. :)