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Pug Facial Fold and Eye Cleaning Made Easy

August 12th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

I recently learned a new trick (new for me at least) from the groomers for cleaning the boys folds and under eye stains…drum rolls please. DAA! DAA! DAA! I got some Pampers sensitive skin baby wipes and used them to clean the folds in the mask and under eye stains…so much easier than anything else I have tried! It’s very gentle and did not irritate them. It got out all the build up in between the folds and the gunk on top of the muzzle. The reddish and brownish stains (that is fungal bacteria) came right off…well not right off but definitely with little effort. It use to take some serious scrubbing on a regular basis to take out all the red and brown stains under the eyes.

Has anyone else tried this? This is awesome! We have seriously tried everything out there and not that I am complaining, but it’s always nice to reduce the level of maintenance chores so we get more quality time with the Pugs. Hope you guys try it and love it too!


Pug Hair Shedding – Scary

April 12th, 2008 at 2:34 pm

It’s that time of the year again. Spring brings us new bright fashions and of course, the allergies and pet shedding. We vacuum every week or other week. Believe it or not, this is only a half week’s worth. The Puggies have been shedding like monsters. We just got this Royal Jelly Pet Shampoo by Isle of Dogs, which helps with shedding and smells fantastic!


Say goodbye to unsightly eye stains and grubby muzzles!

July 17th, 2007 at 5:16 pm

As most of you who read our blog know, we have been grooming Pork & Brown at home these days.  We like doing a thorough detail of both dogs to ensure their coats are clean and soft, but more importantly, clean ears, folds, and mouth.  I have done some research on the reasons for runny eyes and tear stains (medically referred to as Epiphora).  Basically, the bacteria or yeast growth, particularly an organism called ”red yeast” (causes the red/brownish stain color and possibly unpleasant odor) thrive on moisture and are attracted to the tear ducts in the eyes.  Dogs with eye lash and eyelid problems, and dogs doomed by their genetics from their shallow eye sockets, have faulty tear drainage anatony.  Since Puggies have folds (which are fun to clean), this adds to the problem because the trapped moisture and tears can lead to bacterial infection in the folds and muzzle.  I found a great article about this on  Click here to read it.

EyePack to the rescue!  Say goodbye to unsightly eye stains and grubby muzzles!  I am so excited about these two products as I have been wishing for something to make the eye stain go away and ease up muzzle cleaning.  The EyePads and EyeMunity not only keeps your dog’s eyes healthy and clean, but also improve the overall immune system as the main ingredient in the EyeMunity is Epicor, an ingredient proven in clinical studies to have antioxidant properties. All ingredients are human grade!  If you buy the EyePack which has both these cool products, you save $4.  So cool!

Basic tips:  Give your Puggy fresh water (distilled), use stainless steel bowls, and keep their eyes clean (and area around the eyes like folds and muzzle) and dry everyday.   :)



Grooming & Playing in Little Bubble Pool

June 25th, 2007 at 1:24 am

Today we got groomed at home in our Booster Bath and for the very first time, Dad shaved us. He did not do a good job but we still love him. Here is video clip from a while back on how to shave your fur baby.

We got this new bright orange/red bubble pool but unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative today. Ugh. We can’t wait to meet more puggies and have them over for play dates in our bubble pool.

(Porky & Brownie)

PS – Cleaning was a cinch…shaving takes a long time on the first try and without the best results.  For anyone who wants to try shaving their Puggies, all you need is clipper and clipper cooling spray.  We did some research and asked around, pretty much everyone said Oster is the best.  We got this clipper and thought it was pretty easy to use.  You don’t need any extra parts because it comes with a snap-on 10″ blade, lube, and case.



groom019.JPG groom017.JPG

BIG BROWN (aka Zoolander)


groom020.JPGgroom021.JPGgroom003.JPG groom004.JPGgroom002.JPGgroom005.JPG


Shaved…Buzz Cut Puggies

May 23rd, 2007 at 9:42 am

A while back we talked about how awesome it was to shave our Puggies and we even found a video on how to shave your dog yourself…see post here.  Here is Porky & Brownie after they got their 10″ blade cut (or buzz).  As I mentioned before, both Pugs are thinner looking, shed less hair, and it’s a lot more hygenic.




Virtual Bathtime: Grooming Boogie

May 12th, 2007 at 12:59 am

Giving my virtual Pug, Boogey, a bath on Nintendogs game.


Oh Chocoball…oh Chocoball

May 11th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

The boys were extremely tired after a walk out on a hot day…but that didn’t stop Brownie from chasing after his favorite Chocolick ball.


Shaving your Puggy

May 3rd, 2007 at 1:15 pm

It’s getting hot again here in Houston.  We usually keep both Pugs’ hair shaved short with a 10″ blade cut.  They look the same, but more lean and thinner.  I can not emphasize enough that once you shave, life with Pugs is so much cleaner, and they look better.  No more hair on beds, sofas, cars, all over the house, and all over you.  Once you shave your Puggy, you will know what I mean.  Anyways, we usually go to the groomers but after Porky got his heat spots, I started to look into doing it myself because the groomers don’t seem too sanitary.  Here is a cool video on how to shave your dog.  I am going to try this over the weekend.  We are going to use our Booster Bath and favorite Jojoba & Chamomile Organic Shampoo.   Stay tune for some cute pics this weekend!

Click here for more on “Dog Grooming Basics “


Heat Spots are Scabbing…Itchy Puggy

April 26th, 2007 at 8:23 pm

Porky is feeling much better now! He enjoyed all the kisses and hugs from everyone…thanks!!!

We have been 24/7 nurses here and Pork has been depressed because he really wants to scratch his scabs.



puggy042407034.JPG puggy042407033.JPG

To cheer him up (and prevent him from scratching), Dad held Pork in his arms to watch TV.



Although Pork was dying to itch his scab, he forgot about it and took a nap. He was so happy to cuddle with Dad (he is a huge Daddy’s boy).



Infected Puggy…Heat Spots Suck

April 24th, 2007 at 9:58 pm

I was cleaning both Puggies’ ears and folds when I noticed a lot of blood on Porky and all these huge open infected wounds (I later learned from the Vet this is medically or commonly referred to as heat spots).  We were freaked out since we thought he got that from fighting with Brownie since B loves to chew and tug at Pork’s fur/skin.  We rushed him to the Vet immediately.  He was there most of the day.  They gave him an IV with Penicillin to stop any infections.  He ended up getting a reaction so then they gave him some steroids.  Needless to say our weekend was a bit shot after this.  These hairless, bloody patches are all over his neck and upper back…we have to give him anti-biotics, Benadryl (makes him more comfortable so he doesn’t itch the spots non-stop), spray antiseptics, clean paws with alcohol, and clean wounds with hydrogen peroxide.  Dad has been sleeping in the guest room with him and hugging him all night so he doesn’t scratch it (which may lead to infection all over his body and a never ending infection with nasty scars).  So all day long I am working with this pig sitting on my lap, sleeping at my feet, and being my shadow…he is staring at me right now.  Oh yeah, since he licks his paws, we can’t kiss him anymore because his nails has too much bacteria from scratching the infected area…it’s really disgusting and a lot of work.  Poor Brownie lost all freedom since we can’t have him lick it or cause further damage.  Pork is getting some major TLC right now.  *HUGE SIGH*  
These shots were snap after we came back from the Vet…everything cleaned, injured areas shaved, drugged on meds…yellow tape on his leg is from the IV.



puggy042407037.JPG puggy042407040.JPG puggy042407039.JPG