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HELP! Lost Pug in Houston’s Heights area

November 25th, 2008 at 3:11 pm

I received an email from Pug Hearts on Coal, a lost Pug who they are desperately trying to find.  Please help find him if you are in the Heights area of Houston.  His 12 year old sister misses him very much.


We LOVE the Reliant Dog Show!

August 9th, 2008 at 9:55 pm

The Reliant Dog Show in Houston was late last month…we are a little behind on the posting. It’s been one thing after another so unfortunately, we have way too many photos and not enough time to blog. Since I am behind, I will stick to the most recent event. Porky & Brownie had a blast at the Reliant Dog Show…this was our second time attending and even more exciting, we had a booth there for so the boys got to go hang out everyday for 4 days. We saw so many small dogs do neat tricks…it’s really inspirational. It was also great fun to see our friends from Pug Hearts – Houston’s Pug Rescue. Cindy and the wonderful volunteers have rescued 229 Pugs since they started in February 2007!

Our booth was across from the Pittbull Rescue so the boys got to meet some new friends…I didn’t have my camera handy…darn!

Here’s the booth.

Here’s Brownie hanging out in the aisle, greeting customers. :)

Brownie Waiting For Treats

Brownie had a lot of admirers at the show…he got more love than his brother. I think it’s just because he was wearing brighter colors. He was wearing his Marvel Hulk Hoodie and Captain America Shield Backpack.

BeBe, our Chihuahua Spokesdoggy was there, too. She was carried at all times since she is only 3 lbs and gets stepped on quite a bit. Since she is tiny, we have to be careful because people really want to kidnap her…she is the most outgoing little Chihuahua. She has no idea how tiny she is. BeBe was wearing her Hulk Hoodie, too. She is kind of kissing Porky in this picture…I think. Brownie does not seem to want to play. He is super lazy these days and just wants to nap.

Porky’s BFF Tanner came by to say hi and his Mommy bought him a new Rambo Army Cammo Dog Lead and Captain America Doggy Backpack to match Brownie…or her very blue shoes. The blue shoes really stand out with the Captain America backpacks. That’s his new Moss Green color Buddy Belt Dog Harness…we really want to get two new colors for the boys…they have had their black ones forever and it’s getting a little boring. This harness works the best for Pugs and last forever.

I was trying to get a picture of the boys all playing together but they kept moving. Erika, Tanner’s Mom, tried to round them up with no luck.

So of course I had to bust out the treaties…all eyes are now on me!

I think Porky wants a backpack…soon. Brownie usually gets all the new toys and clothes because he likes dressing up and loves plush toys. He just goes ga-ga for toys and fruits. Everyone thinks that Brownie wants to be a vegetarian. Porky just has one love…FOOD…any and all food, no discrimination.

More pictures of Tanner. He is so handsome! I almost got a Boston Terrier or Bulldog but then I saw Brownie and could not resist his chocolate charm.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! We had a ball and it tired all of us out!


What do you think?

August 13th, 2007 at 7:20 pm

We are currently working with pet apparel and accessories designer Chi WOW WOW on a few ideas for charity charms, where proceeds will go to the breed specific rescues.  One of the designs for the charms has Porky’s face on it.  We are playing around with the saying on it.  What do you think is a cool Pug saying or motto?



Thank YOU for your contributions

August 11th, 2007 at 7:11 pm

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and got the word out!  With your help, PugHearts was able to raise the $2K, which will go towards providing medical treatment for the current rescued Pugs.  Please visit them at for updates.

On a lighter note, Porky also wanted to thank you.  He was so busy blogging and sending out emails to all his friends yesterday.  He looked serious and was determined to help raise funding and awareness…


These poor Puggies…I need to do something.


Mom, we really need to help these Puggies. I will help by giving up my toy and clothing allowance. I can’t give up my treat allowance though. (PORKY)


And this is why we all Adore Le Pug. :heart:


We will miss you Lilly

August 10th, 2007 at 7:22 pm

I want to thank everyone who open their hearts and contributed to and all the rescue Pugs.  It’s so hard for me to write right now.  I am still in shock and saddened by the email I just received.  Richard (, Lilly’s foster parents, just emailed me…Lilly passed away tonight at 9:25CST.

Lilly has crossed the rainbow bridge and is now in a better place, where she will no longer suffer.  She was in great care in her final hours.  For anyone reading this, especially if you are owned by Pugs, don’t wait till it’s too late to do something.  PLEASE do something now and help before it’s too late.  Animals who have been neglected and abused deserve a second chance and a forever home.


PLEASE help Lilly!

August 10th, 2007 at 11:25 am

Lilly is currently under the care of Houston Pug Hearts Houston Pug Rescue.  She has huge tumore cells all over.  Poor thing.  I am filled with sadness and chills through my body every time I look at these pictures.  They need $2000 for her treatment and only have received $65 of contribution as of today.  Please visit and help Lilly!  (SERIOUSLY, EVERYTIME I LOOK AT THESE PICTURES, I GET CHILLS AND ALL MY THE HAIR ON MY BODY STAND UP…I can’t help but wonder how this could of happen to this sweet Pug and we all can help by chipping in whatever we can).

PS – We just learned that this was caused by neglect of her previous owner and she has stage 1 cancer.  It’s not terminal at this point so please chip in.  Every dollar will help!  Thank you and Pug kisses.

Here’s a PugCam of Lilly.


Houston Dog Show at Reliant Center

July 29th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

Since we have had some computer problems in the last week, we have accumulated some pictures.  I decided to just move forward since well, we have a gigantic library of photos (I am crazy and have a camera strapped to me at all times).  Last weekend, Houston had a huge Dog Show at the Reliant Center.  This is the largest show we have here at least.  We wanted to stay longer and support Pug Hearts but it was a busy weekend and we were only able to stay for an hour.  Pug Hearts, THE Houston Pug Rescue was there and had a beautiful booth with lots of pictures of rescued Pugs.  Pork & Brown had a ball of fun.

Here’s the boys in the car on the way there.  Pork’s tank somehow became a crop top…


We saw this huge poodle at the grooming contest area…she looked like a scary warrior.


The poodles companion…


After doing a full around, the boys got tired and cooled off…


Well rested and cooled off, Porky was curious at the big Pug…


The big “Pug” was this cute Mastiff.  They are so cute…they kind of look like big Pugs to me with their black face and fawn body.  (Yes, I may stand alone on this.)


Here’s another dog we saw at the grooming contest area.  We snap the face (shown below)…is this considered good grooming?  The eyes are in there…


We met another Mastiff on the way out but the boys were not too interested…no flat face, we are not interested! 


Awe…at last, they met two other Puggies (shown below) and were in love!  They sniffed and sniffed…both sets of Pugs really liked the other.  Hope they come to our Pug Meetup!



Just another Pug filled Sunday at the PugNic

March 25th, 2007 at 7:39 pm

Here’s some cute group photos (this is the best group photo we could get since the little guys were running around like crazy pigs…I mean pugs). More PugNic photos on the Flickr Recent Photos on the left.


This is what true love is all about…I felt the love from the Pugs and the mutual joy of Pug and parent…being owned by Pugs is wonderful!


Here comes Porky…



Hanging out with Flatnosedpups at Pugnic

March 25th, 2007 at 5:08 pm

Brownie is sniffing out Rascal and wondering if Rascal is a Pug because he looks different…


All the Puggies are wondering why Rascal is different…

Kritter is wondering where his Brother Rascal and Sister Peekaboo went…Peekaboo is right behind you Kritter.

I think someone is giving away treaties over there…

Kritter and his Dad having a moment…we love this picture! (They have the same smile…or is it just me?)

Peekaboo is one of the cutest dogs we have ever seen…we love Frenchies!

Peekaboo giving the treat bearer some kisses…he doesn’t know that Peekaboo likes to eat poopoo…let’s not say anything…
Who can resist this face?

We will miss our friends Kritter, Rascal, and Peekaboo from flatnosedpups since they are moving to Austin. We were able to catch up and hang out at the PugNic event hosted by <a href=””>Pug Hearts Houston Pug Rescue</a>. It was so fun to dress everyone up and match…Kritter and Porky have similar body types, we kept getting them confused. Pugs and Frenchies make the best herd! And every picture is adorable and precious! :)


Pug of the Party

March 22nd, 2007 at 5:30 pm


(Sniff..Sniff) What’s over there? Let me go there and leave my mark (Porky)


What’s with the film cam? I know I look good. Where’s the treats? (Porky) (Brownie following his Brother around in the background while Channel 2 Houston News continues to film footage of PugNic event)


Ou! I just saw a man with treats! I am coming over… (Porky)


Give me treats! Look at this adorable pug face….treats…ha-ha-ha (Porky breathing hard and snorting a little)


Come on! Gimme gimme! What do you have there? (Porky)


I would sit for you but I don’t want to get my vintage couture dirty. It’s brand new. Now bring on those treaties and I will leave you alone once you give them all to me. (Porky)

It’s been a while since I posted some pictures since work has been crazy. I finally downloaded this software by Picture Resize Genius and it’s fantastic! You can download the trial version and try it yourself. It does batch photo resizing and other minor edit stuff. It saves a lot of time because I had 262 pictures from the Pug Meetup earlier in the month and the PugNic event hosted by Pug Hearts Houston Pug Rescue. I will batch load onto Flickr tonight so that will be available for your viewing pleasure. As for the post, I will be posting throughout weekend and split it up since there are just way too many cute pictures and they all deserve to be viewed!

Here is Porky showing off his new Bristish Punk Kilt and Skull Tank by Chi WOW WOW. Chi WOW WOW is one of our favorite pet clothing designers because we love vintage style and everything is made for boys (girls can wear it too). It’s like vintage D&G meets Diesel, with a pinch of Miss Sixty! A lot of the stuff is one of a kind, so there is only 1 of each style. Check out the cool, hip vintage fashions from Chi WOW WOW!