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Captain Porky Pug of the Holden Dog Ship (I mean bed)

September 30th, 2007 at 2:43 pm

Porky would make a great pirate as he is great at stealing treats and often referred to as Houdini by his friends.  Captain Pork loves his new Holden Dog Bed.   

Do you think Porky looks better as a Pirate or Barkenstein (see pics in previous post) for this Halloween?  They can’t wait to go to their Pug Meetup next week and scare everydoggy.  We are still trying on costumes and have not decided yet.  Everything looks so cute…I mean scary.








New Woodie Car Bed LOVE

July 13th, 2007 at 4:53 pm

Porky & Brownie use to share the same bed until the nightmares started about a month or two ago.  We are still not sure who is having the nightmare (but think it’s Pork).  In the middle of the night, Porky will abruptly get up and try to kill Brownie.  We usually have to get up and break it up. 

So for the last 2 years, the boys slept and napped together everyday…one day (about a few weeks ago) Porky pulled one of his nested beds from the living room to the bedroom next to their Dad (yes, they are spoiled and have tons of beds all over the house for their lounging pleasure and convenience).  Pork just recently moved his nested pillow next to my new mirrow….seriously right next to it.  I am guessing that he moved it because it is scary sleeping across from a huge mirrow.  Brownie had the old bed and his crate bed all to himself.  So I got Porky a new Woodie Car Bed from (of course).  Now both boys are fighting over this new bed and Brownie won’t get off it.  We moved Brownie backed to his bed several times only to find him back on the car bed, and seriously squishing Pork.  I sat on the bed to see if it was that comfortable…I guess it is.  They are loving this new car bed plus the cute red surf toy that came with it…it’s got a cool squeaker that the boys are both obsessed with. 

“Why does Porky get the new bed and I don’t? (BROWNIE)


“Mom needs to clean this mirrow.” (BROWNIE)

“Why am I gettting squished in my bed?  The kid needs to stop hogging all the beds and toys…I am so sleepy.” (PORKY)


“I LOVE this toy!  It squeaks and is so soft!…This bed is cool and comfy.  Fat ass needs to get off” (BROWNIE)


Two is a crowd…but they both want this bed and we got tired of pulling Brownie back to his own bed. 


Brownie went to sleep with the toy in his mouth.  Porky was smashed in but continued to sleep soundly.  They are loving this new bed.


p1040380.JPG p1040381.JPG p1040382.JPG