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Porky meets Tanner, a mini him

April 20th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

Erika and her Boston Terrier Tanner came into the store for a Buddy Belt, toys, and other goodies. Porky helped out as usual by demonstrating how the Buddy Belt works. Since Tanner could not wear his new Buddy Belt (it was stain guarded and needed 24hrs to dry), we could not get pics of him in his new harness. Hopefully, his Mom Erika will email us pictures. Porky had a blast hanging out and playing with Tanner. They made a splash (literally), played tug of war, and were best friends instantly. We can’t wait for him to come back and visit us!


New Woodie Car Bed LOVE

July 13th, 2007 at 4:53 pm

Porky & Brownie use to share the same bed until the nightmares started about a month or two ago.  We are still not sure who is having the nightmare (but think it’s Pork).  In the middle of the night, Porky will abruptly get up and try to kill Brownie.  We usually have to get up and break it up. 

So for the last 2 years, the boys slept and napped together everyday…one day (about a few weeks ago) Porky pulled one of his nested beds from the living room to the bedroom next to their Dad (yes, they are spoiled and have tons of beds all over the house for their lounging pleasure and convenience).  Pork just recently moved his nested pillow next to my new mirrow….seriously right next to it.  I am guessing that he moved it because it is scary sleeping across from a huge mirrow.  Brownie had the old bed and his crate bed all to himself.  So I got Porky a new Woodie Car Bed from (of course).  Now both boys are fighting over this new bed and Brownie won’t get off it.  We moved Brownie backed to his bed several times only to find him back on the car bed, and seriously squishing Pork.  I sat on the bed to see if it was that comfortable…I guess it is.  They are loving this new car bed plus the cute red surf toy that came with it…it’s got a cool squeaker that the boys are both obsessed with. 

“Why does Porky get the new bed and I don’t? (BROWNIE)


“Mom needs to clean this mirrow.” (BROWNIE)

“Why am I gettting squished in my bed?  The kid needs to stop hogging all the beds and toys…I am so sleepy.” (PORKY)


“I LOVE this toy!  It squeaks and is so soft!…This bed is cool and comfy.  Fat ass needs to get off” (BROWNIE)


Two is a crowd…but they both want this bed and we got tired of pulling Brownie back to his own bed. 


Brownie went to sleep with the toy in his mouth.  Porky was smashed in but continued to sleep soundly.  They are loving this new bed.


p1040380.JPG p1040381.JPG p1040382.JPG


Long Snake = Fighter Pugs

May 22nd, 2007 at 12:42 pm

As most of you already know, I (Brownie) love love my plush toys, especially the snakes.  Pretty much Porky has first call on food and I have first call on toys.  Porky was bored and took one of my snakes to play and I was not having it. It’s mine! (BROWNIE) 





Quack quack…quack…

March 27th, 2007 at 11:48 pm

Brownie’s new duck toy sure caused a stir on our otherwise calm day…

Porky was napping with Dad quietly but then got tired of looking at Brownie having fun with his new ducky toy. (Notice Porky’s evil stare)


Brownie is having lots of fun with Mr. Plush Duck.


Porky jumps in and decides to conquer the new toy…


Little buddy, you know everything in this house belongs to me? I am no. 2 in this pack and get first pick on everything…Mr. Duck is mine! (Porky)



I’m not a puppy anymore…you can’t bully me around! You wanna fight? You got yourself a fight! (Brownie)



We are brothers…let’s forget about the whole thing and kiss and make up? I am tired…I want to get some treats and nap again. (Porky)


And the two pug brothers kiss, make up, and take a restful nap together with their Dad. :)


Pug Passions – Antannaes, Legs, and tail…best parts of new toy

March 26th, 2007 at 10:33 pm

Porky and Brownie both got new toys today but as we all know, nobody wants to play with their own toys. They both like to fight over one thing. Porky got a new Maggie Caterpillar Organic Plush Toy and Brownie got new Duck. Since Pork was more interested in treats, we gave the toy to Brownie…then Pork wanted it back…


It’s mine! (Brown)


Now that Brownie is playing with it, I kinda want it back…(Pork)


Interesting grooves…what type of species is this? (Brown)


Brownie continues to study this new toy while Porky seems to be obsessed over something on his paw.


Brothers sharing their new toy? Could this be?

Brownie is getting sleepy after 20 minutes of studying this new toy. Porky found something interesting on his paw and arm? I don’t know…his face is telling me he found something very interesting…


Monkey see, monkey do…

March 25th, 2007 at 8:26 pm

Who’s cuter…Porky or Mr. Monkey?






“I will fight you to the end for my toys!” (Brownie)

February 16th, 2007 at 1:19 am

As we all know, Pork LOVES food and treaties…and napping. Brownie is not much of a foodie but a toy-ee. He LOVES toys. Obsessed is more like it…sleeps with mouth over toy (Pork does this to his chew bones), drags the toys all around the house (yes, drags that 4 feet snake up and down the stairs), and falls asleep on them (I think this is to prevent Porky from stealing his toys). Well, sibling rivalry and the fight to be alpha dog is causing the boys to fight for toys now. Pork just wants to take it away from Brown…he doesn’t even like toys that much…here it goes…

Late Night Black & White Show with Porky Pug & Brownie Pug

“Why are you trying to take my toy? I already give you my food and treaties…arf” (Brownie)

“Fine! Be that way! I will fight you to the end! How rude!” (Brownie)

“Wow…the kids getting stronger everyday…I gotta show him who’s the boss! Come on kid, bring it on!” (Porky)

“I can crush you with one paw! Woof Woof!” (Porky)

“You think you can push me around just because you are older? I am not going to get pushed around by you for the rest of my life…and besides, I am acrobatic, fast, agile, and I can kick your fat butt!” (Brownie)

“This kid is dragging me all around our bedroom and I am practically napping here. Is he for real or just clueless? What’s with the military warfare and downward dog? You can drag me around all you want but you can’t take Ms. Lamb here…woof woof…eerrr. Go play with the Monkey.” (Porky)

“I’m getting tired of being dragged around…nap time. Here kid…take Ms. Lamb. I never cared for her anyways.” (Porky)

(20 minutes later…)

“Hah! You can’t bully me. Don’t you dare come back and try to get your hands on my toys. I am ready for you…” (Brownie)

(Silently goes back to chewing Ms. Plush Lamb)

“Brownie still has a lot to learn. I just wanted to show him I can kick his butt in my sleep or in this case, laying on the ground. Aside from Dad, nobody tells me what to do…well not nobody, if you have treaties, anything is possible. I can sit, heel, catch, bow, lay down, look cute, model, perform guard duties, clean up trash, …I’m your Pug…as long as I get my treaties.” (Porky)



Porky and Brownie’s big snuggly snake filled holiday!

January 17th, 2007 at 1:12 am


Porky, aka Pug Security Guard, pulling a holiday shift and keeping an eye out on new neighbors who just moved in across the street.


Brownie enjoying his toys as usual in our home office while Momma is working at the desk. Did I mention Brownie will not lay on the floor and insist on either sofa or pillows or best of course, tons of pillows on feather down sofa.


Snakes, snakes, and more snuggly snakes! I love toys!


I don’t care about toys except to taking them away from Brownie. Do what you will to me, I am SOOO sleepy…more treats?


Snugly toys, big long 4′ snake, lots of pug beauty rest!

December 21st, 2006 at 1:10 am

Porky getting some zzz’s from playing tug-o-war with Brown with their new toy that has a whole bunch of tug rings…neat toy.
You can see the 4′ snake I talked about on my post on Nov 28. It wraps all the way around the large dog bed we have…so big and long…it’s really more like a gigantic serpant…
Brownie snoozing on his favorite pillow…a little sheep. We get him lots of cudly sheeps…they are nice toys and pillows. Definitely getting some beauty sleep here and dreaming about more toys and fruits! Watcha looking at? Don’t stare. I need my pug beauty rest and then I am going to take all the toys away from Brownie when I feel like waking up.


Just got back from Vancouver, Canada with 4″ Snake!

November 27th, 2006 at 3:17 am

When I went to visit Vancouver, Canada this last weekend, I totally missed my two puggers.  Especially when we visited Whistler (skiing, hiking, mountain, lake)and saw lots of paw prints on the snow when we were hiking.  So cute!  On our way back, I got the boys a 4′ plush snake toy.  It was so cute when I brought it home.  Brownie (LOVE LOVE LOVE toys) tried to put his mounth over the head, chewed the tongue, while Pork tugged at the tail.  They were battling it out and then Pork got tired and fell asleep on and over the tail of the snake body while Brown continued to nibble the mouth and head, doing his signature falling asleep over plush toy pose. Although the cutest is when Brown (who is small and compact pug of 14″ inch length and 17 lbs)drags the big long snake all over the house, he even dragged it over Pork’s body and played with it while Pork was resting and getting ready to sleep (they share the same bed).

It’s been a little busy so have not had a chance to take piictures, but hope to get some pictures of the boys with their new snake soon!