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Quality Time With BeBe

August 15th, 2009 at 7:47 pm

We miss Puddles and Bebe.  Luckily she got to spend the day with us.  All three Pugs and Chihuahua ran and played in the backyard.  They had a blast and then came in for some treats.  What a great day!



Three terminator dogs…



Brownie Having Fun

May 17th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Brownie is my shy sweet Pug and after working at the dog boutique, he is starting to really open up.  He enjoys socializing and making new friends, both dog and human.  Here he is playing with a Chihuahua puppy.  So cute!





Puddles and Bebe Sleepover – Dinner Time

February 27th, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Porky and Brownie’s very good friends Puddles and Bebe stayed with us for a few days. They had a blast! I finally understand what Cesar Milan means when he talks about the pack because everybody was regimented…ate at the same time, walked together, and potty together. They seem to behave much better together in a group (more consistent behavior) versus separate.


We LOVE the Reliant Dog Show!

August 9th, 2008 at 9:55 pm

The Reliant Dog Show in Houston was late last month…we are a little behind on the posting. It’s been one thing after another so unfortunately, we have way too many photos and not enough time to blog. Since I am behind, I will stick to the most recent event. Porky & Brownie had a blast at the Reliant Dog Show…this was our second time attending and even more exciting, we had a booth there for so the boys got to go hang out everyday for 4 days. We saw so many small dogs do neat tricks…it’s really inspirational. It was also great fun to see our friends from Pug Hearts – Houston’s Pug Rescue. Cindy and the wonderful volunteers have rescued 229 Pugs since they started in February 2007!

Our booth was across from the Pittbull Rescue so the boys got to meet some new friends…I didn’t have my camera handy…darn!

Here’s the booth.

Here’s Brownie hanging out in the aisle, greeting customers. :)

Brownie Waiting For Treats

Brownie had a lot of admirers at the show…he got more love than his brother. I think it’s just because he was wearing brighter colors. He was wearing his Marvel Hulk Hoodie and Captain America Shield Backpack.

BeBe, our Chihuahua Spokesdoggy was there, too. She was carried at all times since she is only 3 lbs and gets stepped on quite a bit. Since she is tiny, we have to be careful because people really want to kidnap her…she is the most outgoing little Chihuahua. She has no idea how tiny she is. BeBe was wearing her Hulk Hoodie, too. She is kind of kissing Porky in this picture…I think. Brownie does not seem to want to play. He is super lazy these days and just wants to nap.

Porky’s BFF Tanner came by to say hi and his Mommy bought him a new Rambo Army Cammo Dog Lead and Captain America Doggy Backpack to match Brownie…or her very blue shoes. The blue shoes really stand out with the Captain America backpacks. That’s his new Moss Green color Buddy Belt Dog Harness…we really want to get two new colors for the boys…they have had their black ones forever and it’s getting a little boring. This harness works the best for Pugs and last forever.

I was trying to get a picture of the boys all playing together but they kept moving. Erika, Tanner’s Mom, tried to round them up with no luck.

So of course I had to bust out the treaties…all eyes are now on me!

I think Porky wants a backpack…soon. Brownie usually gets all the new toys and clothes because he likes dressing up and loves plush toys. He just goes ga-ga for toys and fruits. Everyone thinks that Brownie wants to be a vegetarian. Porky just has one love…FOOD…any and all food, no discrimination.

More pictures of Tanner. He is so handsome! I almost got a Boston Terrier or Bulldog but then I saw Brownie and could not resist his chocolate charm.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! We had a ball and it tired all of us out!


Porky meets Tanner, a mini him

April 20th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

Erika and her Boston Terrier Tanner came into the store for a Buddy Belt, toys, and other goodies. Porky helped out as usual by demonstrating how the Buddy Belt works. Since Tanner could not wear his new Buddy Belt (it was stain guarded and needed 24hrs to dry), we could not get pics of him in his new harness. Hopefully, his Mom Erika will email us pictures. Porky had a blast hanging out and playing with Tanner. They made a splash (literally), played tug of war, and were best friends instantly. We can’t wait for him to come back and visit us!


Missing California…

March 25th, 2008 at 10:09 pm

We have been missing California and all the Pug groups, Pug parties, and our friends. I was able to get some old pictures from our very close Pug friends from our Pug playdate back in LA (back in 2005!) at Dog Zone dog beach in Long Beach. Porky was the only small dog who was swimming in the Pacific Ocean beach with no life jacket. He is so brave! We miss our Puggy friends so much and all the great fun activities for dogs! Houston doesn’t have too many social activity for Puggies. :(

Porky and Daiju (Goldilocks and Rosie’s Daddy).


Porky trying on Rosie’s life jacket.


Porky swimming without life jacket and Goldielocks.


Rosie and Goldielocks swimming in their life jackets.



Where is Everydoggy?

March 13th, 2008 at 6:55 pm

I am not sure what’s going on but we are noticing a lot of our Puggers are no longer online or have not posted in quite some time.  Is this a slow blogging time?   I suppose with the economy being down and all, these are tough times.  We have been so busy traveling and moving, so I totally understand the slow blogging.  But Suki and Joey’s blog was totaly removed!  What’s going on? 


Where Are All the Pug People?

December 10th, 2007 at 7:11 pm

Hey Everydoggy!  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  When you have a chance, visit our friends at where you can share your Puggy’s photos & videos, meet other Pug people, and read Pug articles.  See you guys there!


Houston Dog Show at Reliant Center

July 29th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

Since we have had some computer problems in the last week, we have accumulated some pictures.  I decided to just move forward since well, we have a gigantic library of photos (I am crazy and have a camera strapped to me at all times).  Last weekend, Houston had a huge Dog Show at the Reliant Center.  This is the largest show we have here at least.  We wanted to stay longer and support Pug Hearts but it was a busy weekend and we were only able to stay for an hour.  Pug Hearts, THE Houston Pug Rescue was there and had a beautiful booth with lots of pictures of rescued Pugs.  Pork & Brown had a ball of fun.

Here’s the boys in the car on the way there.  Pork’s tank somehow became a crop top…


We saw this huge poodle at the grooming contest area…she looked like a scary warrior.


The poodles companion…


After doing a full around, the boys got tired and cooled off…


Well rested and cooled off, Porky was curious at the big Pug…


The big “Pug” was this cute Mastiff.  They are so cute…they kind of look like big Pugs to me with their black face and fawn body.  (Yes, I may stand alone on this.)


Here’s another dog we saw at the grooming contest area.  We snap the face (shown below)…is this considered good grooming?  The eyes are in there…


We met another Mastiff on the way out but the boys were not too interested…no flat face, we are not interested! 


Awe…at last, they met two other Puggies (shown below) and were in love!  They sniffed and sniffed…both sets of Pugs really liked the other.  Hope they come to our Pug Meetup!



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July 16th, 2007 at 10:24 am

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