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don’t forget to help the homeless puggies…

September 8th, 2006 at 3:34 am

I was playing around with some of our old photos by making quick collages (see above)for some fun holiday card ideas. We had a lot of fun with our friends whom we met through pug rescue volunteering. I got to thinking about the hurrican and the poor homeless, abandoned dogs (pugs in particular of course). If you are reading this and have made it here, you are probably a crazed and smitten pet parent. Please feel free to read my stories and comment on your experiences. I want to thank my good friends, Daiju and Cindy, and their girls, Rosie and Goldielocks, for the wonderufl pictures, sharing great pug memories at all the pug socials and rescue events, being there during the puppy years, and of course, for inspiring me to get a second pug! We miss the play dates and picnics at the Rose Bowl! Wow…it’s been almost two years! I would suggest all pet parents and those who want to volunteer their time and want to get involved with helping animals, get active and volunteer your time to rescues and your local humane society. If you don’t like getting dirty or are not cut out for volunteer work, make a donation! You will feel better for it and it’s tax deductible.


Pugs rule…more reasons why having a pet can save your sanity!

September 7th, 2006 at 3:39 am

Brownie has turned one! I have attached a baby picture to show him when he was just 3-4lbs, coming home with me and a current picture. He is a big boy now. I never use to put a leash on him because he is such a Momma’s boy but these days without his brother here…he has become more indepedent and caught a case of what I call the “only dog syndrome”. We understand each other so well. It’s absolutely adorable. Oftentimes, he does not each or drink or go potty unless if I am there with him. He looks back to made sure I am still there and observing my body language to ensure I was in no hurry to leave him. When I do leave him, he sits and stares at the door, patiently awaiting my return. I am always careful of where I walk as he will always sure enough be right next to my heel and slightly ahead of me.

In the office, we have come to refer to him officially as our “Security Guard” since he gazes out the small narrow opening in the window most of the day, alert to growl and bark when there is any sign of intruder or movements outside our office. Like a large number of office employees, he tends to enjoy napping and walking around the office socializing, trying to find someone to mutually entertain each other.

These days we have been working long hours. That means Brown has to pull the night shift. He is restless and slightly bored since we are all too busy to play with him. As I make my calls, type away on my laptop, he is quiety playing with his toys near my feet. Sometimes he paws my legs for me to pat him and give him some attention. Whenever I take a break, he is so excited for us to have a moment together.

He never doutbs me (except when he knows I will leave him alone and he doesn’t fall for my tricks to get him into the backyard) and I always trust him. I guess this is why the dog is commonly referred to as man’s best friend. You ever notice when you come home from a bad day and then the moment you come home, your dog is waiting for you patiently by the door and eagered to be with you, suddenly the outside world worries are slowly left behind as you look into your dog’s glistening eyes full of pure selfless love.

Check out this article on from about the health benefits of owning a pet. And the list goes on. For those skeptics out there that call us crazy pet people freaks, chill out and learn to love our animal companions. They just might save your life!